Radiant Orchid: A Super Easy Art Update

Once upon a time there was a lovely piece of art that grew a bit drab due to a linen fabric matt that yellowed with age.

So inspired I was with Rub-N-Buff I applied a coat to the matt.  Where it hung for a while it was fine.  But in a new location in another room with a different wall color the rubbed gold effect wasn't working.  Not even a tiny little bit.

Couldn't have been an easier update.  Didn't even have to remove the acrylic painting.  Just taped and burnished the edge of the tape with a firm but not sharp edge ... a credit card.

The paint was a sample pot in a Satin finish.  The fabric absorbed the paint and the matt ended up in a matte finish but true to color.

Although I'm the original owner of this piece I now know to not walk away from linen framed art at consignment or thrifts that show age or wear.  Easy-peasey to update.


Plate Wall / No-Holes-In-Wall-Hanging-Experiment Update

It's been over two weeks and all the plates are still, well, hanging!
Just a reminder, no nails or other method that leaves a hole in the wall was used to hang these plates.
I'll share the results of my experiment next week - success or failure, and share the deers on how the plates were successfully (fingers crossed that's the result) attached to the wall.

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