Giving A Plate Wall A Try (and a creative plate hanging experiment)

This post is about a creative solution {hopefully} to safely and securely hanging a plate wall without making holes in the wall.  No nails.  Nothing making a hole in the drywall.

It is an experiment in-progress and I'll be reporting back to let you know if my Noritake wedding china survives my desire to decorate without requiring wall repair when I change my mind later.

Yes, I'm putting my good china on the line with this experiment, or more precisely, on the wall.  

This is a short "here's what I'm trying" post and it doesn't have gorgeous photos of my plate wall.  After all, it could all fall down before I finish writing this post.  But here's a quick look ... photo taken on a gloomy day so the lighting is definitely lacking, but hopefully you get the idea.

Yes, it is a really tall wall.  And a long one too even though you're just seeing a small section between two large archways.  So tall + long = big and I don't want to repair and repaint the entire wall should this not turn out to be my forever decorating option for this semi-awkward section.  I'd have to rent scaffolding.  Not going there.

So, remember, no nails are being used.

I'll keep you posted on how this goes and if works I'll share the simple details of how I did it; if a few plates break I'll probably post a really good deal on the few remaining place settings of my china!

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