A Dear Homeowner Tip {Using the back of outlet covers to document electrical details}

A short and simple tip today.  Might be a time saver.  Or problem solver.  And its also a safety tip too.

In our house there isn't a single room where everything electrical is controlled by the same fuse.  Even if you isolate a single wall there's often multiple fuses represented in the electrical wiring.  So when we need to power off a fuse to safely work on something there's lots of time spent studying the very long and often confusing labels on our fuse box.

This past weekend we realized just how outdated the labels in our fuse box are ... the labels referenced rooms such as "Dining Room" and identified locations with decor references, like an accent wall (the pumpkin wall).

OK, our original dining room is now our home office and the original playroom is now our dining room.  Fortunately we knew the labels referenced the old locations and we realized we needed to update those labels.  And BTW, we no longer have a pumpkin colored accent wall!

So we updated the labels in the fuse box.  And also added references to each switch and outlet ...

Use the back of your outlet covers to document devices controlled by the outlet / switch, the associated fuse number, and even room paint colors / formulas.

Of course while I was adding labels I didn't overlook the opportunity to document wall colors / formulas.  Just in case.  So in the future neither hubby nor I should have any difficulty recalling those details.  Hope you find this tip helpful!

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