Styling Our TV Area

Happy Friday folks!  Its brrrr cold here today and f-r-i-g-i-d or very wet in other parts of the country, so I hope wherever you are you're snuggled-in and safe from the elements.

This end of winter weekend seems just perfect for at least some TV watching.  Yesterday Bethany and Nancy, the ladies at powellbrower blog, posted a few quick tips for adding style to your TV area.  As I read their post I thought "great ideas" ... and then I realized I had in fact recently used many of the same tricks in our TV corner.

About the before.  Hubby thought it was perfectly fine ... he had a great viewing angle to the TV, the accessory components were organized, and it looked "very tidy".   I promised not to mess with what was working but wanted to take the presentation up a notch.

Here's how the TV wall looks today ...

And here's where we started ...

Yes, the modern suburban architecture that provided a partial open staircase (our stairs are in the back of the house rather than the more traditional stairs in foyer situation) results in a sliver of a wall + a smallish corner.  We've tried many furniture arrangements but in the end this corner truly seemed best suited for the TV.  

Given the small proportion of wall to the actual width of the room I thought it best to use larger art pieces to oomph up the perceived scale of the walls (you know, going with the theory that small rooms look small with small scale furnishings but expand in perceived size when larger pieces are used).  An added plus is the art is a fav of mine and provided the color palette for the room too.

Added some Anthropology pulls for fun, flair, and color ...

And added seating on both sides of the credenza.  The upholstered chair is on casters and can easily move if needed and the little side table is super lightweight for easy movement as well.

A piano bench with a sheepskin rug tossed on top and an outdoor (easy clean) pouf underneath provide two more pull-up perches in the room.  As well as texture, color, and something to balance the credenza and lighten the weight of the furnishings.  

And where do I sit snuggle to watch TV?

Here's my perch on the other side of the room (directly across from the TV).  Why yes, that is a really large sheepskin rug draped across the sofa.  Cozy.  Also an easy way to protect upholstery ... sheepskin rugs are way easier to clean than upholstery.

We're loving our bookcase / fireplace wall as a backdrop to our room.  We previously had the sofa(s) perpendicular to the bookcases in a very symmetrical / formal arrangement and it never felt like us.  By changing the orientation of our furniture we truly have a new room that feels much wider, more proportionate, and welcoming.  

Want a good laugh to begin your weekend? 

Here's the same bookcase / fireplace wall.  This photo is from a time capsule buried in our yard ;)  Seriously, this seems so very long ago.  And even then we were battling the issue of incorporating the TV and decor.  In this example, the TV won and decor lost

I hope you either found a tip to help style your TV area or had a pleasant break from your hectic day while visiting here.  Please share any suggestions for further tweaks to my TV corner styling.  And make sure you read Bethany's post on decorating around a TV (here).

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